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Wiki Basics

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Navigating the Wiki


  • Folders to all the specific islands are found on the right hand side
  • There is also the Sidebar, which has links to Creative Commons site, the portal, this reference page, and other links you may need.
  • To go back to the main page, click on FrontPage at the top of the right hand side.
  • You may ONLY edit the content of your specific island's folder.



Editing the Wiki


To start:

  • When you click on the folder for your island, you will see a list of pages. Click on the page you want to view/edit.
  • Once you're at this page, at the top you will see the title and then two tabs: "view" and "edit"
  • Click on "edit" to edit the content


Editing the content:

  • In edit mode, you will see a toolbar very similar to Word. You can change fonts, color, bold, add bulleted or numbered lists, or insert links and tables.
  • The content you need to edit will always be in brackets: [edit this]
  • You must remember to enter your section's number before you begin editing
  • Only ONE PERSON should be editing the page at one time, so split your work wisely
  • One person SHOULD NOT be doing all the editing. I will be looking to see that EVERY member contributed to the wiki.


Uploading a file:


  • On the right hand side you will see a list of wiki pages.
  • Next to it there is a tab called "images and files"
  • Click on this tab and then click browse to upload your file
  • After it has uploaded and appeared on the list, click the link to your file in order to add it to the page.




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