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Island 4 Day 4

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Today is a day of reflection. It has been a tough few days, and your homesickness and the reality of your situation is starting to sink in. Consider Cristina’s situation described in her blog (http://cristinamillan.blog.com/2006/10/) when living in the extreme conditions of Antarctica, and consider how she writes about her experience. Also, consider the kind of memories that come to Ralph’s mind throughout chapter 5.



Each member of the island must write a “reflection” or “blog entry” about their experience so far. Remember, you must pretend you are on this island, so write about the island not the wiki. The entries must be two paragraphs long (7-9 sentences). At the top of your paragraphs, include your name. You must also answer the following questions within your paragraphs:



What kinds of foods do you miss? What do you miss from your room? Anything else you took for granted that you now lack?



What is it like working with people you don’t know that well? When has order broken down?



What kind of issues have you had to resolve as group and individually?



What happened to the people who got sick/hurt? Did you get sick/hurt?



Do you think you will be rescued? Why or why not?



How do you entertain yourself/yourselves in times of boredom?


Section [04] Members



Anna Clarkson

     So far our island has had minimal problems, and the ones we have had have successfully and responsibly been worked out and solved due to our teamwork, cooperation, and effective leader. Many things from my warm and loved house I do miss though. I miss making smoothies and going to Baskin Robins to get ice cream and the meatball subs at the school cafeteria. Everything I have taken for granted because I never would have guessed that I would someday be stranded on island. I am usually good with meeting new people and being friendly to them. Living and working with them to maintain a healthy life is a different situation. Somehow and thankfully order has not broken down and nothing fatal has happened aside from the fact that we have crashed on this island.

     Many issues our group has had to handle include sicknesses and wounds. Individually I have had to overcome homesickness, which is more difficult for me. Even when I used to go to summer camp I would get homesick on the first day so being miles away on a random island is even harder for me. Thankfully though I have others around me in the same situation and we keep each other’s heads up, hoping for something good to occur, such as a rescue. We usually entertain one another by working to build shelters or telling jokes or stories. Who knows if that will even happen, but I believe that someday a helicopter will arrive here to pick all of us up and take us back to where we belong. But until then we will continue to work together, entertain one another, and keep each other safe.




Jametria Wright

This is the 4th day on the island, and there have been some positive and negative attributes that the island has brought into our lives. First, I have to say that I have missed all the foods that were easily available to me before I reached this island. I miss cheeseburgers, no matter how unhealthy they were for me; I still miss having one occasionally. All the foods like pizza, chips, and even salads are things that I don’t have access to now and wish I did. I also wish to be in the sanctity of my room. I obviously took that for granted because now I’m stuck here on an island that I don’t know if I’ll ever live to get off of. I miss the simplicity of having a bed and not being forced to sleep on a hard ground with little rocks everywhere, and everything is coated with layers of dirt! I took all the privileges that I once had before, and no longer have now. Since I often get bored with being on this island, I have to entertain myself with playing little games with some of the other people on the island. Sometimes, I also clang little sticks against rocks or tap my foot so that it’s somewhat similar to listening to music on the radio. There’s little to do on this island that I can do to keep myself entertained. I usually try and have conversations with the other people on the island. And whiles doing so, I can try and get my mind off of being stuck on a possibly unknown island.

                I don’t know most of the people that I am now on this island with. Their names are Jack, Mimi, and Anna. There haven’t been and horrible conflicts that have occurred between either of us, but I know that sometimes we do become agitated with one another. And when we encounter one of those times, we realize that it would be best that we should just keep a distance with each other until we calm down and prevent major arguing. The distinct order within our society has yet to be broken down because we realize the importance of order determines how long we’ll survive and possibly become rescued. I respect all the order that has been graced upon us all, although I’ve had a few minor complaints. At first I didn’t agree with the job that was presented to me, and neither did my fellow water/firewood gatherers, but we recognize the importance of our job so we sucked it up and did it.  We realize that we need constant clean water to survive alive, and we need firewood to keep the survival fire going. All of our jobs are meant to be sustained for a reason, and if we continue at this rate we’ll get off this island at once.

                There have been a few complications when it comes to injuries on the island. Jack got horribly injured while he was walking through the forest and tripped causing a sharp branch to produce a large and deep wound on his forearm. There weren’t many ways that we could help him, but we used a First Aid Kit that was once on the plane and fixed it with the best of our abilities. Having minimal resources is a negative aspect that comes with being on this island. What if something more severe happens with Jack having an opened gash on his arm? What if he gets an infection? There isn’t much we can do to help him. When things like this happen, I have little doubt that we will be rescued because it lessens my hope. Overall, I think that I don’t have any high expectations when it comes to leaving this island. I honestly don’t know if we can survive our whole lives on this island, and I don’t know if we’ll ever get rescued!


Jack Howell's Reflection:




Every day that I am stranded on this island, I become further and further away from reaching civilization.  I am starting to become homesick and I miss my family and friends.  Luckily, for the most part, people are sticking together and remaining their composure.  All of us need to work together in order to be rescued and remain calm.  Everyone on the island needs to do their respected jobs and get rescued!  


In these last four days, I have been starving.  The raw pig meat cannot compare with my mom’s home-grilled steak.  Also, the poisonous berries grown on this island do not touch the fresh strawberries coated with powder sugar that are served at home.  I definitely took my mom’s home cooked meals for granted.  In addition, I sincerely miss the privacy and seclusion of my room at home.  When I got irritated with someone, I would simply go into my room and watch television.  On the island, it is hard to re-gain your focus because you are never completely alone.  At home, I really took technology for granted.  I have to work a lot harder to get tasks done without the easy use of technology.  For example, I could go get a glass of water from my refrigerator very easily at home.  When I am thirsty on the island, I must purify the ocean water first which takes longer.  Additionally, working with people that I do not know can be difficult at times but we all try to get along so we can get rescued in the end.  On the first night, order broke down when we caught our first pig and everyone wanted the meat for themselves.  Anna and I had to make everyone calm down and share the meat.  I also cut my arm on a stick today and Jemetria had to wrap it up in a bandage for me.  Fortunately, we have not had an excessive amount of conflicts.  

Our biggest sickness so far has been the bad fruit.  The little ones had suffered the hardest from it because they eat a lot of it on the first day.  As a result, they have had diarrhea and stomach aches.  We had learned to not eat the bright-colored berries because they are poisonous.  As I mentioned above, I cut my arm but it is almost healed now thanks to the anti-bacterial wipes that were found on the plane.  Most importantly, I truly believe that we will get rescued.  In order to achieve that goal, we all must do a better job of keeping the signal fire alive.  The boats will never find us if we do not have the fire going at all times.  Lastly, entertaining ourselves has been difficult without technology.  However, when we do get bored, the guys usually play hind-and-go-seek, which is fun to play in the forest.  We have also managed to form a mud ball which we play football with on the beach.  Having some exercise helps us stay focused.  Overall, I believe that everyone is doing a great job so far and I think we will get rescued soon!



(Sorry I do not know  why the font is different in mine, but the 3 paragraphs above are mine.)


Mimi Abbott

Living on this island is becoming very difficult.  We are all getting very homesick.  I miss sleeping in my bed in my warm covers.  The food here is simply awful.  Every day I think of the nights that I would eat crazy bowls and wraps.  When I went to crazy bowls and wraps, I would always get a grilled teriyaki chicken wrap.  I just miss being able to get food out of my pantry.  The thing I miss the most that I took for granted would be taking showers.  On the island we don’t have any soap.  We are always dirty and we smell awful.  I don’t think that we will be rescued because we are on an undiscovered island.  The chances of someone accidently discovering this island is not very possible.  We are trying to keep a fire going so that if someone does happen to fine the island they will see that we are here.  It is very hard to entertain ourselves on the island.  We often play in the water and we sometimes play in the forest.

                Working with people I don’t know can sometimes been challenging.  It is because we are all living together so we get sick and tired of each other.  We have order but it is sometimes hard to follow the leader when we have our own ideas.  If people get hurt we have citrine things that we do depending on how bat they are hurt.  If they have a huge cut that is bleeding a lot we will wrap a strip of blanket around it to stop the bleeding.  If someone gets sick then we make sure that they get a lot of rest and don’t work too hard.  We have had to resolve some conflicts.  Some of the conflicts that we had to resolve were if people didn’t get along and people being mean to each other.  When we were on the island we got sick of each other so we would often snap at each other and yell a lot.  We have had to find ways to get along and to listen to each other.



Section [06] Members


[Blog entries]



[Kelsie Augustin]



Every day, I find myself missing civilization more and more. Sometimes at night, lying on the cold floor of the cave, I find myself wishing for my bed at home. A stack of palm fronds is no substitute for my comfortable pillows at home. No amount of wild boar can compare with a nice, hot meal at home. I can’t believe how much I took all the leisure of city life for granted. I know we will get rescued some day, but for now we’ll continue to do our best. Getting settled on the island was not fun, but now that order is established we have time to get to know each other.


My fellow castaways and I have formed a successful system that provides us with food and fresh water. When we first arrived here, I thought that we were doomed to perish on this island, but now that we’ve settled into our daily routine things are looking up. I was surprised when they islanders elected me as their leader. How could they trust me, someone they had just met, with their very lives? We all have jobs and everyone works together, but in the evenings we come together for an evening meal to unwind as a group. This social time allows us to relax; it also provides us with the entertainment and enjoyment of each other’s company. We landed on this island as strangers, but when we get rescued, we’ll leave as friends.


However, while life on the island is going fairly well, we’ve had our share of problems.  Yesterday, Jack hurt his arm while in the forest. Luckily we had the antibacterial wipes from the first aid kit of the plane and were able to help him heal faster. A few of my fellow castaways have come down with food poisoning but this was quickly remedied. I haven’t gotten sick yet.  I am very thankful as a group, we’ve been able to live together and have yet to meet any challenge we were unable to conquer. I am confident that our teamwork and cooperation as a group will lead us to be rescued.



DeAnna Pope


Being on an island away from civilization isn’t easy and I definitely miss a lot of things. I miss air conditioning first of all, because on our island it’s so hot all the time; it is 70-90˚F daily. The days are hot and the nights are cold. I miss the internet and I miss being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I miss being able to go to the privacy of my own room. I miss how clean everything was and I miss my iPod. Coconut drums aren’t as good as what iTunes could bring to me.  I also miss my family. I wonder how they’re doing.  I even miss the arguments I had with my older brother. Maybe they think I’m dead. I feel guilty about leaving them. But as my island members remind me, it’s not our fault. During hard times like these, sometimes its hard to deal with it by yourself or with another island member that you don’t know very well. I really hope we get rescued.  

I became really good friends with the other kids on the plane. I am glad that I knew some classmates on the plane first. It made me feel like I wasn’t so isolated. Sometimes we’d argue because we didn’t know each other very well. But I remember that when Jack hurt his arm and we found that huge cave and we all came together and helped each other out. In times of need we all helped out. A few days ago, some of us got food poisoning. But with Kelsie’s great leadership and encouragement we found a solution. As a group, we haven’t had too many problems. One of the major problems was communication with the group during the day. If some of our island members were out hunting or in the forest we had to send smoke signals or find our own conch and blow into it so that we all could come to the cave. Finding plane debris was a great help, and we were able to survive. Our island had many benefactions: cacti, a cool cave to go to when it was hot, and lots of open space.  One time we even saw a whale out in the ocean! Often, we would get bored on the island so we played games like hide-and seek, capture the flag, and our very own seashell version of chess.  Childish, but we still had time to grow up on our little island. Harsha was always the best at hide-and-seek.  None of us really knew why he was the best hider. If we do get rescued I will be sure to record this Island Journal so I’ll remember it. Anna , Mac, and I were the Island Artists and we all made scavenger hunts and maps for the rest of the island. If we get rescued we will make sure to record all of this down. But until then, we’ll wait until they come.




Harsha Nori



     Today is our fourth day on this cursed island. My determination has dwindled, and my confidence has faltered. I’m beginning to realize that this island might become my permanent residence. Along with the grim aspect of a lack of freedom, my surroundings are taking a toll on my community. Those like me, who tend to have a darker complexion, are more resistant to the heat. However, those of us with lighter skin and hair cannot cope with the temperature, and as such they must rest more frequently. We have created a false sense of order, which can only last for so long. Order has broken down when people refuse to do what is asked of them. More often than not, they protest loudly. More than once, a fight has broken out, wreaking havoc among our façade of order we are trying so desperately to build up. Even still, we have bonded together – at least, we are closer than we were when we first got stranded here. Even though we don’t know each other very well, I feel that we have come together as a community – not necessarily because we like each other, but because we need to come together as one to survive. However, everyone seems to be grudgingly agreeing with the concept of group cooperation – everybody is in this for themselves (although the people I aquainted myself with in the plane seem more inclined to work together with me).

We have been plagued with spells of food poisoning and heat exhaustion. I myself was lucky enough to avoid these traumatizing events, most likely because of my complexion and my somewhat unnatural resistance to diseases. Luckily, we managed to salvage a first-aid kit, and used that as a temporary cure for the food poisoning – but I fear that our supplies will not hold out much longer. Two other ailments that afflict us are homesickness and boredom. Though not a disease, they have taken their fair share of a toll on us. I terribly miss air-conditioning, as this heat is getting nigh on unbearable. A soft bed would also be nice – sleeping on the rock hard floor isn’t helping anybody. As for entertainment, we occasionally play mindless games like hide and seek, or other such activities, but the grim thought of reality keeps gnawing at our stomachs, causing unease and eating us away from the inside. At first, everyone was optimistic. We were all glad that we were alive, and resolved that we’d be rescued within a few days. However, now our false hopes are beginning to shatter. I believe that we will be rescued through time, but I am not one to sit and wait for us to be rescued. We must continue to exert ourselves and make sure that if some stray ship or plane is near us, we can alert them and get off this forsaken paradise.



So far our island has had minimal problems and when problems have occurred we have resolved them fast and effective. My house back home has played a hue role mentally in my stay on the island though. I miss many foods from back home. One food in particular I miss is fried Twinkies. I miss having my computer from my room and having easy access to running water and food where ever I am. I don’t really like working with people that I don’t really know because it can get very tense and for a while people will not like each other. So far our order has worked out very well. It has been some harsh weather here with how hot it is but we can get through the day. Our leader has provided much support for our group and I have much respect for Kelsie.

 We always resolve all issues together and work together to complete goals that would be better for the island. Jack is now healing after the gash in his leg that was treated by our first aid kit. There were many people with food poisoning but they all have gotten much better.  Yes I do think that we are going to be rescued and everyone will be fine because we all are very knowledgeable in our group and have very good survival skills. At times of boredom I talk to other people to keep busy. It is a small island so a lot of gossip goes around about one another and everyone pretty much knows everything about each other. Also we play many games when we are finished with our work. In all our stay on the island has been great at times but I also miss my home a lot. It has been hard to entertain each other but we have succeeded and lived with each other for our first four days and hopefully we will get rescued soon.





     This is the last day on the island and things are still kinda looking down.  Overall, I am beginning to see that our island succeeded in some areas but we failed in some areas that we could have done better in.  Also, our group worked very well together.  Overall, I think the leader that we had chosen did her job very well and i dont think that we could have had a better leader.  She kept everyone doing their work and always kept them on task and not playing games

I miss a BK chicken sandwich, and the wheat products or school cafeteria serves.  As of now the thing I miss most is my pet giraffe with the peg leg.  Order has not broken down yet.  Our group works well together but we could do without one of the people, but over time that person has made good improvements in the quality of work that they do.  The work quality problem.  Unfortunately, Jack had a gash on his arm and he is currently in the process in healing his arm.  I do not think that we will be rescued unless we will figure out away to get off the island our self.  I entertain myself by fishing and we used Harsha's glasses to burn leafs.


Section [09] Members


[Blog entries]






Suzie Kozikowski



It seems as if I have been living in a sauna for a week, but alas I have been living on this island for merely four days. Sitting in this cave is slowly driving me to insanity as I dream about all my favorite foods (this would include bread, butter, pizza, chicken, and, of course, chocolate). I remember being able to just walk to the refrigerator and pick out whatever I wanted to eat, whenever I felt like eating. I would give my life just to be able to walk two feet and grab a chocolate bar. Now I have to wait for the hunter/gatherers to bring food to the cave, which takes hours on end. Oh, and the convenience of a house! My room had a bathroom, a computer, and was only 30 feet from a room with a television (not to mention only a staircase to the kitchen). Now we have to go from the cave to a specified spot to “use the facilities” (and we don’t even have “facilities!”). How I miss that pink rug and my comfy bed with a pink whale blanket and pillow. Since I’m a builder, I have to make beds now and I had to separate the cave into separate rooms (because of course the cave didn’t have rooms to begin with!).

I didn’t know (or intend to meet) anyone on our plane. Everyone here is so nice, and I’m learning more and more about everyone each day. Instead of watching television (sigh)  some of us put on skits if we feel playful, play a game of hide and seek (the island is the only place one can really play that game), and talk. There haven’t been too many miscommunications or arguments over order; the hardest thing to do between all of us is getting everyone together, and making sure everyone contributes to the community. It was difficult for all of us to decide what to do with different “rooms” of the cave, but we finally decided the best solution was to have one room to sleep in and the other room can be used to store food and other useful items (plane debris, the first aid kit). As for myself, though I have had a few spats with people over when I wake up and where I get to sleep, I realize the only thing that will resolve this is my attitude about this entire situation; I need to work on becoming closer with others when we all are so far away from home, and know this is larger than my life and what I want.  I think I have been improving, for when a couple of us had food poisoning I helped out by bringing them items from the first aid kit and fresh water. Another incident that helped me grow with this community was when Jack fell and had a large cut on his arm. I brought the first aid kit to him and was among the people helping him back to the cave. I was lucky enough not to get sick. As for rescue, there is no question if we will be saved; if I didn’t know and believe we were going to be rescued, I wouldn’t be able to live here and get through each day. I pray and believe that God will save us, whenever that will be, and that we can survive until that time.  The best thing we can do is make this community stronger, and have hope.





               Life on this island is bitter and horrid, but each day it gets better as I learn more about myself, the people around me and my surroundings. When I arrived on this island, I was in awe of the beauty and what god has provided us with. Except for some reason I had never seen it this way. I always saw the “new world”; I never got to see this side.  The side where the sight of the Scarlet Macaw eating the same fruits that we eat; berries, furthermore embroiders the idea into my head that we are all intertwined in some way. We all have the same needs.


               But we also have some very different needs. Like right now I miss my warm and comfy bed with my iPod on the side desk easily accessible for moments like this; moments when I am stressed and feel uncertain. Uncertain about life and uncertain about how things will pan out. I also miss those nights when I can just walk into the kitchen, go into the freezer and make some pepperoni pizza. ALL MINE! All to myself. I miss those sweet oranges I used to eat, full of flavor and high in vitamin C. But most of all I miss my peace. Peace that can definitely not be found on this island. I have looked in the deepest parts of the woods, in the quietest spots near the ocean, but still no peace. Sense I can’t find peace, to keep my mind occupied, I sing to myself when I am bored, because the words that I sing are the only true link that I have to home, to civilization back in America.


          Life back home was simple and easy; there wasn’t much work to do.  But on this island, not everything comes so easy. I have to go hunt and search for my food when I’m hungry. I can’t just pick up a phone and have something delivered to me. I also have to learn to solve problems on my own. There’s no more mom to do things for me and wake me up in the morning so I can get things done. Now I have to make my own internal clock. I feel that even though I am almost an adult; I’m still learning how to survive and am becoming more independent. I have to share too.


           I’ve never been as sick as I have been on this island. It’s scorching hot on this island; nothing I ever experienced in Saint Louis, the heat had ever spoiled my food. Even though I just met these people and am still learning them, when I got food poisoned, they treated me like their own family. They comforted me, even in the wee hours of the morning. That simple gesture of humility and caring showed me that there are still good people in this world. When I was sick they used the first aid kit that they somehow seemed to find, to help me. They gave me water and food and sometimes even gave me extra to make me feel better.

          Despite the way we have been working so well together, I don’t believe that we will get rescued. No one has established order or even tried to think about our future. No one seems like they want to get off the island. I do. I want to go home to where I can get peace and I know that people won’t revolt against me. Know that people will care…unconditionally.





It's been four days since the plane crashed and left me stranded on this island with these people I don’t  know. I miss so many things. One is food.  I mean, there's no end to all the fruit and things on this island  but still, its not like at home! The ground is hard, I miss my bed and my music and my friends. I can't  believe I took everything for granted. Another thing I miss is my family! I never thought I would say this  but, it feels so weird not to see them everyday and hug them at night. Its also hard to try and get along  with these people that I don’t know. However we've been working hard to appreciate everyone and their  ideas, and establish a society that works and keeps us alive.


We've haven't had an order problems thankfully. However, Jack did hurt his arm and several people got  food poisoning. Thanks to the medicine kit we had we were able to help heal them.  I did not get sick but I  tried to help out everyway I could with the people who were. Our group actually gets along really well  together.  There's been no real fights and we are all content keeping Kelsey as our leader. Hopefully we  will be rescued soon. I think we will be rescued, at least I'm praying we will. As well as everything is  working out here, we have food and clean water and shelter, but its not home.  I really enjoy swimming,  diving, climbing, hiking and playing games with the others but there is only so much you can do before you  become bored out of your mind. Toghether, in these past four days we have learned so much from each other and how much we should appreciate what we had back home. If we ever get off I know that I will never forget these people or what I've learned from them and this island.












                So here I am, day four of my “vacation” on this island. The island that started out with so much hope and possibility that is now crashing over our heads like the storm that made us crash here. When we first landed, all I could think about was a separation from homework, social troubles, parents, meaningless chores, etc. but instead I landed in a whole new situation with a group of people most of which I was not very familiar. Sometimes, I would almost wish for my bed, my dogs, my mom’s home cooking, but then he reality of the situation would ground me to the present, only to leave me wanting it even more, like a parched throat that has recently been given a drop of water. Upon first arrival, these cravings were brushed aside for the most part, due to the enormous amount of work to do. Since I have been a multi sport athlete since I could walk, being in the outdoors constantly never bothered me. I thought of it as is as a camping trip that we just don’t know how long is going to last. At least here, the work had immediate results, as opposed to cleaning at home. As a builder, my line of work was constantly in demand. I was assigned the task of building shelters, beds, partitions, etc. till I dropped. Unfortunately, the work is endless. Yet, at the end of the day, I wonder how my family is doing, whether my friends are ok, if anyone knows where I am, but then I realize my folly and brush these questions aside, for survival is not based upon the “what if” but on the present actions.

                It has been quite an experience working with people that I don’t know very well. It was almost fun at first, but now the common drudgery of work has set in and taken its toll upon us. Everyone is starting to get jumpy and snappy like a pack of ravaged coyotes. All of the sudden no one wants to gather or build, but hunt for the boars that roam the island. I am very wary of this; for it means that not much work is getting done. In the beginning people would all pitch in to get the work done, and this was great for it built trust and chemistry between the people. For example, when Jack injured his arm, everyone abandoned their task and found some way to help. I personally repaired the drainage system so that the cave would not overflow while the rest of the group was tending to the wound. Unfortunately though, the order has started to deteriorate with the dwindling food stores. The island was not made to support more than a few people for a long period of time. I am not sure how much longer we can survive once the fruit disappears, for it’s hard to live off of fish and crab.

                The boredom has not affected me as much as everyone else. Due to the fact that I have attention problems and medication is a little scarce on a deserted island, my focus has run a little rampant. I can finish the task put in front of me, but after the work is complete it is sometimes hard to find me. I do not have the concentration of Harsha, so hide-and-seek is not the greatest choice for me. It also doesn’t help that I am over six feet in height and hiding amongst the treetops is a little challenging. I will usually find something that looks interesting and attempt to make something useful out of it, or try to find something to do, even if it involves more work. Since I am the strongest on the island, my work is in need most of the time so finding something to do is not very challenging. Against all reason, I sometimes hope that we will be rescued in the near future, although I know the chances are slender at best. Sometimes miracles happen, and right about now we could use one very dearly.


Comments (Show all 45)

jhowell said

at 4:43 pm on Nov 8, 2008

Ok, so I did my reflection in word but it will not let me copy and paste it onto the page. Can anyone help me?

J. Wright said

at 6:56 pm on Nov 8, 2008

did it say something about enabling the macros on your computer?

DeAnna said

at 8:32 pm on Nov 8, 2008

Jack: try doing what Jametria said about the macros and if worse comes to worse, make the font really big (because One Note makes it hard to read) and then print it to One Note. Then, just upload it as an image on the wiki.

DeAnna said

at 8:42 pm on Nov 8, 2008

Anna make sure that you do two paragraphs. You only have one. (Or just split it.)

Kelsie =] said

at 9:59 pm on Nov 8, 2008

Thanks for helping everyone DeAnna!

Kelsie =] said

at 10:02 pm on Nov 8, 2008

Ohh Anna, I sent you an email about your blog entry.

Harsha Indian said

at 7:13 pm on Nov 9, 2008

Good job everyone - you all express your ideas about the island in different, but clear and concise ways.

Mac said

at 9:15 pm on Nov 9, 2008

Sorry for not posting yet. Im working on it right now. Is there anything else I can do for the group Kelsie?

Suzie said

at 9:22 pm on Nov 9, 2008

I really like how our entries interconnect in ways that we didn't plan (playing hide and seek, missing beds and technology), but show our different points of view on how everyone is acting (Harsha believing our faith is dwindling, others believing we will be saved, yet others back and forth depending on good and bad days). So far the blog entries are pretty detailed. Good job and keep it up! (Anna you might want to elaborate a bit on your entry, but other than that I like your ideas!)

Kelsie =] said

at 10:14 pm on Nov 9, 2008

Mac, take your time we have until Friday, but the sooner everyone's entry is up, the better.

Kelsie =] said

at 10:15 pm on Nov 9, 2008

Everyone's blogs are really good so far. We all have different outlooks on life on the island and our entries all sound realistic. Keep up the good work, Island 4!

Kelsie =] said

at 10:19 pm on Nov 9, 2008

If you see one of your classmates from your English class hasn't put the blog up yet, please remind them.

Kelsie =] said

at 9:32 am on Nov 10, 2008

Hey Anna, nice job updating your blog.

DeAnna said

at 12:20 pm on Nov 10, 2008

Blake & mac, your blogs aren't there.

blake said

at 12:20 pm on Nov 10, 2008

all i have to do is upload mine

blake said

at 12:21 pm on Nov 10, 2008

mac you still need to upload yours

DeAnna said

at 9:29 pm on Nov 10, 2008

Haha suzie! I would miss chocolate too. Nice work everyone ! (Almost done)

Kelsie =] said

at 11:12 pm on Nov 10, 2008

Darryl, Olivia, Adam, Mac, Blake, Jack, and Mimi still need to put their blogs up. Try to put it up before Wednesday (our next Island day).

dcurrie said

at 8:48 pm on Nov 11, 2008

haha Harsha I love it!

ctreischmann said

at 10:42 pm on Nov 11, 2008

oh wow guys this is great! i love all the blogs. some people are still missing though. suzie i love yours!

dcurrie said

at 8:24 am on Nov 12, 2008

Thanks Olivia and Adam for putting your blogs on the wiki! :)

Mimi said

at 10:56 am on Nov 12, 2008

Nice job on the blogs. They were all really good!

jhowell said

at 11:00 am on Nov 12, 2008

Ok I am done with everything, is there anything I can do to help finalize the whole project?

Mimi said

at 11:03 am on Nov 12, 2008

I posted my blog. Sorry it was so late!! I was having computer problems.

aclarkson said

at 11:23 am on Nov 12, 2008

Does my reflection need to be longer because it just barely meets the requirements?

Kelsie =] said

at 12:40 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Jack and Anna, you guys are all good. Anna, if you want to increase each of your paragraphs by one or two sentences that's be great. Jack, If you help out on the final day you'll be fine.

Kelsie =] said

at 12:44 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Mac and Blake still need to put their blogs up. Please put it up tonight.

DeAnna said

at 12:47 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Looking great guys!

blake said

at 12:56 pm on Nov 12, 2008

all we are waiting on is mac

Harsha Indian said

at 12:57 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Mac, if you need help with your blog, just ask. We're all willing to help, and we just need you to post up your blog!

blake said

at 12:58 pm on Nov 12, 2008

make sure you post both paragraphs and make them thought full and detailed

Harsha Indian said

at 1:00 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Also, just copy this into word if you haven't already done so. The spelling and grammar check helps a lot!

Everyone, just take a final look over your blog posts, and add some finishing touches. This is our last day - let's finish strong!

jhowell said

at 9:41 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Yes definately use word, it helped me a lot and it makes your writing look better.

jhowell said

at 9:42 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Some people still need to post their comment for this day, make sure you do that before Friday

jhowell said

at 9:43 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Blake, you have some grammar and spelling errors, try to look over those before Friday if you can

J. Wright said

at 10:00 pm on Nov 12, 2008

If anyone has any suggestions on how I should revise my reflection above, I am willing to take advice.

Harsha Indian said

at 12:29 pm on Nov 13, 2008

There isn't anything to cite on the blog - unless one of you used another blog as an example. If you did, please make sure to cite it.

Kelsie =] said

at 3:26 pm on Nov 13, 2008

Blake, you need to expand your first paragraph. It needs to be atleast 7 sentences.

Kelsie =] said

at 3:26 pm on Nov 13, 2008

Okay everyone has there blog up and there is nothing to cite on this page! Good job!

Adam said

at 3:42 pm on Nov 13, 2008

Okay good

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