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Island 1 Day 1

Page history last edited by Blair 11 years, 7 months ago

Day 1


All members:

Fill out the member page and take your survival test.


Section [04] Members:


Inflatable vest

Emergancy strobe light

Emergancy water packets

Laser flare

First Aid kit

     Contents: Tweezers, scissors, roller gauze, non-adhering dressings, aspirin, insect repellent, hydrogen peroxide, hydrocortisone cream, gauze pads, cotton balls, antacid, alcohol wipes, rubbing alcohol, band-aids, and a first aid guide

Solar battery charger


Seat Cushion flotation devices

Flint and Steel


Emegancy Rafts

Letter Opener

Clothes (ex. raincoat, pants...)


Duct Tape

Metal Pot



Section 06 Members:


- Choose 6 of the 12 materials researched by the first section. These are the materials you will have found on the plane. These are the only tools not found on the island that you may use.

  1. Lazer Flare
  2. First Aid Kit (scissors, gauze pads, water bottle, space blanket, a box of matches)
  3. Flint and Steel
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Metal Pot
  6. Letter Opener

- Search for pictures in the Creative Commons site, found in the SideBar page, of four different liminal spaces found on your island. Upload the pictures and post them below.











Palm Forest






Section [09] Members:


  • - Create a map of the island. You can use photoshop elements if you're editing a picture of an island, or paint if you're drawing the island from scratch. You can have one member draw the outline, another member labels it. Make sure you include where the liminal spaces are.
  • - Upload your map.
  • - Determine the walking distance between each place.
    • Volcano to Stream: 14 Hours
    • Stream to Beach: 3.5 Hours
    • Coast to Coast: 5 days
    • Stream to Palm Tree Forest: 1 week 

Comments (7)

Brigitte Leschhorn said

at 9:00 am on Oct 23, 2008

Section 04 members, you need a second source.

Brigitte Leschhorn said

at 11:43 am on Oct 23, 2008

section 06 members, you need to upload your pictures of liminal spaces. Section 09 cannot complete their map without these, so they will suggest some liminal spaces and you have to find pictures for them.

Blair said

at 11:42 am on Oct 27, 2008

Section 04 members: good job on the list, but you still need to add the 2nd source from your research

Section 09 members: good map. when you made a list for the walking distances, are those considered the liminal spaces?

Blair said

at 11:46 am on Oct 27, 2008

Also, section 04 members - what is in the first aid kit, which is one of our materials

Dchoe said

at 12:40 pm on Oct 27, 2008

We did a google search and here's a website with the contents of a standard first aid kit

Blair said

at 9:31 pm on Nov 13, 2008

sorry about that last comment, i was writing down the websites for my pictures so i wouldn't forget to save them

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