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Works Cited



  • -          Each section must go back to their work and find all your citations (pictures, websites, and other) that you used or quoted.
  • -          Put in the correct citation for each one on this “Works Cited” page.
  • -          Works should be in alphabetical order.
  • -          Reads pgs. 107-109 of A Pocket Style Manual
  • -          For an easy citation guide (especially for pictures) go here: http://micdsstudents.wikispaces.com/Citation+Guide
  • -          For a breakdown of how to cite correctly from the web: pgs. 138-139 of your Pocket Style Manual
  • -          Make sure to replace links with parenthetical citations.

o   Example: “Cannibalism was widespread among ancient cultures” (Roach).

§  Roach, John. “Cannibalism Normal for Early Humans?” National

Geographic News. 10 April 2003. National Geographic. 11 Nov. 2008.

<http://news.nationalgeographic.com/ news/2003/04/0410_030410_


§  In this case, I used the title of the article’s author to cite my source. Remember the period goes AFTER the parenthesis.

§  Notice that if my citation continues on the next line, it should be indented. Also, if my hyperlink is too long, I have to break it up so it goes partly on the next line.

  • -          I will be looking for citations on all information that sounds like it should not be common knowledge.




Section [04]



First Aid: Your First Aid Kit.  23 Oct. 2008.  <http://www.survivial-center.com/firstaid/kit.htm>


Gloria Welch, "Short Jokes". Online Image. Clarion-Cal. 27 October 2008 <http://www.clarion-call.org/



Survival Gear and Emergency Aircraft Survival Equipment.  2005-2008.  23 Oct. 2008. <http://www.prepared






Section [06]

 Posted by Tim Heller on August 31, 2008 in Hurricanes

          Hurricane Gustav could have a long landfall

          Heller, Tim. "Hurricane Gustav could have a long landfall." Weblog Post. 


          August 31, 2008







Dutched Pinay on Expatraition. "Scheveningen." 01 April 2006. Online Image. Yahoo Images. 13 Nov 2008           <http://misst2000ph.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html>


Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Seoul, South Korea. "Palm Forest." Online Image. Google Images. 13           Nov 2008 <www.indonesiaseoul.org/.../company06.htm>


"Java - Inactive Volcano." Online Image. Yahoo Images. 13 Nov 2008                                                                            <http://www.scenic-world.net/Pictures/Indonesia/pages/Java%20-%20Inactive%20volcano.htm>


Patt Perkinson. "Spring in the Mountains / Mountain Stream." 5-7 May 2006. Online image. Google Images. 13                Nov 2008  <http://www.naturalsciences.org/education/treks/SpringMtns06/page/Mountain%20stream.html>






Section [09]


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